A Quic Review

Looking at the website for areas of improvement and taking a crack at fixing one of them.

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The Brief

Imagine Spud is rebuilding its entire website and moving to a new best-in-class platform.

Using our existing website (spud.ca) please choose the 3 areas/features which you see as the highest priority to fix as the teams lead designer. For one of your selected areas/features, please share the process of how you would look to improve the current solution.

Challenges Identified

While going through the website, I found several challenges and areas of improvement on the website. I have enumerated a few of them here (from tactical to strategic)

  • Common retail UX practices not being followed on the website
  • Home page, PLP and PDP pages not using the real estate well, missing out on up selling, too much wasted space, overwhelming UI, etc.
  • A transactional interaction model being used where more intimate and localized feel would greatly help the brand and consumer trust
  • Long & convoluted customer journey
  • Misalignment between branding and communication - different properties have very different content and none of them highlight Spud's core values and connect them with what Spud is all about
  • Poor engulfment experience - Review sites like Yelp are full of bad press, a formal system to address genuine customer feedback is require. Content strategy can really help here.

Scope of Work

Here I am going to focus on way to improve the base interaction model for better user interaction and user connect.

  • System Analysis & Documentation
  • Experience Mapping
  • Possible Flow Generation

Experience Mapping

In any business, there are multiple experiences or models that have to work together for a great customer experience. The map below identifies a few such module below.

Going deeper in The On-boarding Experience

One prominent thing that came to my notice was the current on-boarding process on Spud.ca

Local sourcing, green concerns and ethical practices mean the Spud is placing itself in direct contract with bigger grocery giants but this is not reflected in the interaction model deployed on the current website. The interaction is transactional with no hint of intimacy or local/community oriented vibe. The ob-boarding is a boiler plate as it could be.

The above experience can be captured in the following process flow diagram.

Going deeper the experience can be improved a bit by capturing data at a slower pace and simplifying the journey in a way that empowers the user. Right now, users are told about Spuds delivery areas at the end of the registration process which is not a great user experience. One way to improve this process is as by reducing the amount of information Spud collects upfront before telling the user if they can be served in their area or not. Instead we can make them choose their location.

This opens up even more opportunities for improving the interaction.

In the above options, we have the flexibility to choose from subtle yet very different types of experiences. I particularly favour Option C, as it removes password requirements from the user. Users can be sent a login code which allows them to access the site thus removing one major point of failure for the customers.

Some more observations during the task that I couldn't help noticing are as follows:

No clear value proposition on home page.
No clear value Proposition on Home Page


I was delighted to explore a local BC based business and look at its customer experience. The scope of improvement is multi-fold and I hope to be part of the team that builds and delivers this experience to the people of BC and beyond.

Some things I would have loved to peek inside:

  • Analytics data to understand the usage pattern, bottlenecks and other backstage issues in the website
  • More information about the TG and the user personas
  • An idea about major business concerns and the project roadmap.

This has been a learning experience for me.

Thank you for checking out my work!

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